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For more than 14 years, A Better Way Wholesale has been offering quality vehicles to consumers who would rather purchase a pre-owned vehicle than a new one.

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Professionally trained service technicians are one of the highlights of the Better Way Wholesale Auto vehicle selling system.

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Affordable price and a large inventory of vehicles help make A Better Way Wholesale Auto one of the best pre-owned dealerships in the state.

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Volume in sales is the result of attention to detail and customer service and A Better Way Naugatuck, Connecticut knows how to do both.

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A Better Way works hard for the customer to provide a variety of quality vehicles at low, affordable pricing.

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There is one way to be successful in business and that is to move more product than anyone else. In a highly competitive world, moving product is the result of providing the best quality service, support, price and the product itself. Not every business is able to find the right combination. In the world of pre-owned cars, Better Way Wholesale Auto found the right combination from the beginning and has been going strong with their plan every since.

Since 1999, A Better Way Wholesale has been offering quality pre-owned vehicles that are competitively priced and affordably financed. Volume allows A Better Way to offer a wide variety of vehicles, allowing customers to find the right vehicle at the right price.

A Better Way Wholesale Auto is a certified pre-owned dealer that acquires vehicles from leasing companies and financial lenders. The certified pre-owned program requires each vehicle to undergo an extensive inspection and refurbishing before being offered for sale. The vehicles are near new in quality, but with a price tag that is less than the national average cost of a used car.

Such a vehicle not only offers the customer a reliable means of transportation, but peace of mind when owning a vehicle. A Better Way Wholesale stands behind every vehicle they sell. The Better Way service center is onsite and utilizes state of the art diagnostic tools to identify vehicular problems.

All Better Way repair and service technicians are trained and certified and receive continuing education training to keep their skills sharp and up to date. Service, quality vehicles, well trained technicians all add up to more vehicles sold, making A Better Way Wholesale Auto the top pre-owned dealer in the state of Connecticut.

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